Stopping A Clogged Toilet In Its Tracks

Tips on how to unclog your toilet like a pro At one point in your life you’re going to face a clogged toilet.  There’s some technique to fixing it, so when you have a clog, don’t freak out, grabbing any plunger so you can jab away like a madman into the toilet bowl. Stop the […]

Types Of Residential Roofing

What is residential roofing? Residential Roofing Updating your existing roofing will not only add to your home’s curb appeal, but it can also help add to the value of your home. When it’s time to re-roof your home, there are several materials that you have to choose from. It can be easy to get overwhelmed […]

A Residential Painting Ways To Contract Peace Of Mind

Things to Consider When Choosing a Paintbrush What to consider when choosing the paintbrush for a painting project? The tiniest detail in a paint job can affect the whole result. Surely, you don’t want to discover a blotchy or paint clumps on the wall. So whether you are a homeowner or a property manager planning […]

How To Choose Hardwood Flooring Contractors

Can you make wood floors waterproof? Hardwood floors do have a weakness: water. We aren’t talking about the type of water that your kids track in or that you spill from a cup. As long as you promptly wipe up this water, your floors should be fine. Small amounts of water dry quickly and do […]

Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas To Make Your Space Grand

The Ultimate Kitchen Remodel Guide: Contractors, Storage Space, & More A kitchen remodel is a big project. You’ll likely encounter unforeseen expenses, last-minute design changes, and plenty of stress during the dusty months of renovation. While the duration of the remodel can be challenging, the finished project is usually well worth the wait. The trick […]

Important Tips For Long Distance Moving

Packing For a Long Distance Move When you’re moving long distance you have to worry about more than just packing up your house. You’ve also got to pack for the trip. If it sounds like something that’s looming on the horizon, this article is for you. It’s all about what to consider when you’re packing […]

How Not To Choose A Wedding Photographer

How can I promote my wedding photography? While we have explored this topic of attracting your ideal photography clients at depth, the basic things you want to keep in mind are what defining attributes will your clients have? A simple example for us is that we enjoy working with people who are laid back, casual […]

What Are The Duties Of A Family Law Attorney

Why would you need a family lawyer? There are a variety of problems that arise within a marriage, civil union, or domestic partnership that can be handled by a family law attorney. There is no law in the United States that says that people appearing in a court case need to be represented by a […]

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Homeowner Tips From A Certified Electrical Home Inspection Pro

Home Inspections WHATS SO SPECIAL ABOUT MY ELECTRICAL PANEL ?? We never think about it. Yet it serves us every day.  It is the largest safety device in your home but most do not appreciate what is does. It is your electrical service panel. It is the heart of the home electrical system and is […]

Pros And Cons Of Home Inspection

Home and Pool Inspection Here is a comprehensive list of the home sections inspected. Structure and Foundation Electrical Systems Plumbing Systems Roofs and Attics Basements and Crawl Spaces Gutters and Drainage Walls, Floors and Ceilings Porches and Decks Property and Site Sheds/ Barns and other outbuildings I also inspect and operate: Furnaces year round Air […]