Local Moving Drive Away The Moving And Associated Hazards

Moving – A Consumers Guide


If you pay someone to perform a move in whether the move is across town or across the state, the move is probably regulated Intrastate household goods movers operating must have a certificate (“C” number) issued by the Commission. Such certificated movers are required to have insurance, to meet other consumer protection requirements, and to comply with the provisions of the Maximum Rate Tariff (MRT). [Note: Interstate shipments, international shipments, government and military moves, commercial moves (offices and equipment), and new furniture/retail deliveries are not under the Commission’s jurisdiction.]

The Commission issued the MRT to establish the maximum rates movers may charge their customers for the services they render. The tariff also provides the forms which must be used and the information which must be given to each customer, as well as the rules and regulations governing these moves

BE SMART! HIRE A COMMISSION-CERTIFICATED MOVER. Minimize the risk of moving-day delays, damages, inflated charges, or loss of your possessions by hiring a legal (certificated) mover. To access a list of legal movers The list is updated monthly. Subsequent canceled, suspended, and newly-issued certificates will not be reflected in the list until the next update. If you want to check a mover’s current status

The Commission requires movers to carry a minimum amount of $50,000 for cargo insurance. If you believe that your shipment has a value greater than the $50,000 amount of insurance coverage required by the Commission, you may want to request written verification of additional coverage from your mover to ensure your shipment will be adequately covered.

The Maximum Rate Tariff establishes “maximum” rates a mover can charge; however, you and the mover are allowed to negotiate moving rates that are lower than the established maximum rates. Sometimes customers encounter movers who do not have a certificate from the Commission. Such uncertificated movers may not realize that intrastate household goods moving is a regulated activity

Complete Guide to Moving Locally

there are a couple of things you should do beforehand. Some of these helpful tips and tricks we’ve gathered here will make sure you have the best move possible.

Setting the budget

Well, this might be the most difficult part. It is time to talk about money. Let’s start from the beginning. You decided you will have a professional moving company to relocate you. Now are they gonna pack you as well? Is this something to think about, or you decided to pack on your own? Once you determine what your budget is, you can start searching for the best moving company that fits your budget.

It’s research time!

We are going to start from basics here. You have decided on your budget and that you want a professional moving company to move you. Next step is to type local movers near me to get the best results. If you are looking for the best local moving company that fits your needs you will need to dial a few numbers. Make sure to check the company’s website and their reviews on GMB. Best thing you can get are testimonials from clients about the service from their reviews.

Things to look after

Well, moving is a notorious business so there is some information you need to have. Think about the way the moving company base their price- Is it per hour or flat rate? Using a moving company that is hourly based can save you some money, since you are in full control of how long the move will take since it will depend on your preparation and agility. In addition, the way you know your agent is experienced is that they provide you options about the number of movers they recommend. Finally, the most important thing is to ask if there are any additional charges, fees, tax, credit card fees and similar. You do not want any surprise on the date of the move.

Let’s book now!

Now, you probably know who you will choose for you local movers and packers of choice. As soon as you decide, contact the company and lock in the date. Moving companies are usually short on availability so have a sense of urgency regarding this. Once more, get it in writing- agreement, email confirmation – anything.

Guide to Moving

Moving can be an exhausting process when you’re simply relocating to a new neighborhood – so it’s no wonder that a move to a brand-new city can be intimidating and overwhelming

A place by lots of other names is still a sweet place to call home.

You’ve probably heard it called The Big Easy, thanks to our laid back lifestyle. Maybe you’ve also heard it referred to as the Birthplace of Jazz, or the Crescent City? Our unique culture, a mixing pot with hundreds of years of history behind it

Bikes are a great way to get around

Bikes are one of the most enjoyable ways to experience the city. In addition to exploring a wealth of trails around cyclists can also take leisurely rides through iconic areas of the city

great place to build a career.

While the tourism industry is still booming, their are more and more job opportunities for young professionals in the greater  and that we were voted a top city for woman-owned companies and young entrepreneurs?

blazing trails in education.

offers private schools and charter schools to meet the needs of students and families “a grand experiment in urban education for the nation.” The charter school system and private schools give parents an unprecedented choice in where they send their children to receive an education.


Expats moving will find themselves amidst a vibrant, sprawling and densely populated metropolitan and just like every other city has its strengths and weaknesses. The bitter truth is many admitted to having a love-hate relationship with this wonderful yet complex city. One of the main reasons is because, with a population of more than 10 million, you can’t help but find yourself in the middle of a busy and hectic culture, which includes unbearable long-hours of traffic. You will also notice a stark contrast of poverty and affluence in the city, from slums and shanty-towns to modern skyscrapers, luxurious homes, and apartments as well as grand buildings.

offers much more than its masses. As the commercial and economic center of the nation, the capital offers limitless experiences, including great areas to explore, mega shopping malls to shop till you drop, hip new entertainment and dining spots to enjoy, rich cultural heritage to embrace and some new friends to be made.

The People

each with its own specific customs, which is why one of the most beautiful aspects of the city is its people. You will find that the people here are open, warm, kind, helpful, welcoming, cheerful and super friendly

Accommodation options:

Expats can find a wide variety of lodging options in the city depending on one’s income, from luxury penthouses or homes to apartment flats, studios, and guesthouse rooms

Cost of Living

Obviously, the larger the home or the more elite an area is, the higher it will cost to maintain it. There are also other factors that could contribute to a higher cost of living, for example, if you choose to shop your groceries from Western-style supermarkets instead of local ones. Many people also prefer hiring domestic help, which is fairly affordable here in comparison to other countries but it could increase your cost of living significantly.

Corporate Relocation Guide

Relocating an office is a big task for everyone at the company. The speed, cost and efficiency of the move ultimately depends on how prepared and organized the company is on move day.  All the preparation and planning will come together during the move process. The “count down to moving day” later in this section will begin to give you a good idea about the various tasks that will need to be undertaken to make the office move successful

The majority of corporate relocations take place within a relatively short distance. The theory is that unless a company is expanding into new markets or downsizing, the company will stay in the market in which they have established themselves.  Above all, try to have some fun during the process. Moving is a highly stressful time for everyone involved and advanced planning of relaxing or fun activities will help relieve some of the anxiety involved with the move. Consider the move a great adventure.

Move Team

Just like your company is a team working hard everyday, it is important to assemble yourselves into a move team to achieve a successful relocation. There are three (3) main sections of the move team. The Move Project Manager is the overall person in charge, the Move Area Coordinators are the second part of the team, and the third is the rest of the employees. Define the structure of your move team that best fits your company’s needs. Every department and area must be assigned to a Move Coordinator to ensure it is properly handled for the move.

Move Project Manager

You have been appointed the task of managing the upcoming move for your office. During the months and weeks to come, you will find yourself involved in many of the day-to-day tasks involved in successfully planning any relocation.  While you will have the ultimate responsibility for the success of the move, you cannot do it without the cooperation of your Move Coordinators and they in turn will have an impossible task if they do not have the cooperation of the employees that are assigned to them.

The Move Coordinators should be your seconds in command, each with a specific area of responsibility. Those areas can be broken down by department, building, function or location; the how is up to you and what will make the most sense in your company. You will also need, very early in the process, to have each supervisor or department head understand the moving process and which Move Coordinators are assigned to employees that they oversee.